Safety and Training is Our Top Priority

Maintaining proper and up-to-date driver training is perhaps the most essential action companies can take to reduce injury and product damage. This is the foundation upon which safe work habits are built, resulting in a safe work environment.

New England Industrial Truck, Inc., provides forklift driver training and certification classes at your company site or at our facilities.

Training and Classes Offered

NEIT provides a wide range of classes and training all designed to keep your staff up-to-date on OSHA training requirements. OSHA standards require that employers certify that each operator is properly trained and evaluated.

NEIT takes training to the next level by offering all class types, from basic to advanced.

Standard Forklift Training

Class 1 through 5 Forklift Training Electric LP, Gas, Diesel
These classes cover forklift training and include a practical driving evaluation. Upon successful completion, the student will receive a certificate of class completion and a forklift operator certification document.

Class 7 Alternating Forklift Training, All Terrain Lifts, Lull, Telehandler, Piggy Backs, Princeton
These classes cover training for other types of forklifts and machinery outside of basic forklift training.

All classes of newest ANSI standards for MEWPs (mobile elevated work platforms), including new ANSI A92.22 standards for Safe Use, and ANSI A92.24 Standards for Training.


We also provide training for the following:
  • Scissor lifts all types
  • Boom lifts all types
  • Man lifts
  • Site surveys
  • Safety planning
  • Hazard awareness
  • Occupant training

OSHA Compliance

We can help keep your company in compliance with the latest OSHA regulations, such as the newly revised 29CRR1910.178(1) Powered Industrial Truck Operator Training Regulation, which states that the employer is responsible for certifying all operators have been and trained and evaluated in accordance to OSHA standard of training. Employers are also responsible for maintaining proper documentation to support such training.

While adhering to OSHA and other such regulations is very important, knowing that your drivers are well-trained will give you peace of mind that your company, and its drivers, are protected

Train the Trainer Certification

We offer valuable train the trainer certification to enable a company’s staff member to receive the knowledge and necessary certification to become a qualified instructor to train other employees within the organization.

Flexible Schedules

At NEIT we are pleased to be able to offer operator training during off hours. We have training classes available on the weekends, after 4 p.m, and during second and third shift hours. This allows us to provide flexibility in assuring that your employees received the proper training for your company.

Our Trainers are Experienced and Knowledgeable

At NEIT, we are committed to helping you maintain safe work practices for your organization at all levels. Our team of trainers take ownership of safety through on-going completion of training, refresher courses and by thoroughly understanding and embracing the importance of safety programs at all levels of any organization