TX-M 3-Wheel

TX-M 3-Wheel Rated at 3,000 – 4,000 lbs.

Applications:Food Products Companies, Warehousing Operations, Manufacturing, Trucking, General Merchandise, Wholesale Non-Durable Goods, Government

Designed to deliver greater reliability… features that create more power and performance… options that expand versatility — The TX-M Series forklifts set the standard for highly maneuverable, versatile 3-wheel lift trucks.

Faster travel, lift and lowering speeds along with impressive gradability mean faster work cycles and improved productivity. Electric power steering makes handling more precise, energy consumption more efficient and operators more comfortable. IP54 rated sealed motors, ramp/hold and an automatic parking brake are among a long list of new features that make the new TX-M Series the ultimate choice for versatility, economy and productivity.